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About Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel

Over 25 Years experience fulfilling e-commerce orders

Direct to Consumer (D2C) spirits shipment is new but our e-commerce experience is great. That is why distillers sought us out to help them jumpstart their D2C  capabilities. We have created a dedicated spirits storage, fulfillment, inventory control system, kitting and engineering integration for seamless and compliant spirits order processing. Our spirits facility is underground and provides natural year-round temperature control between 62 and 67 degrees in a dehumidified environment. Our services our fully insured.  The facility is naturally secure and continuous monitored. Our scale and expertise provides great accuracy, speed and efficiency so we are able to offer your brand unmatched procing and services.


We offer additional services such as access to our compliance officer to help you manage the changing and increasing number of reciprocal states. We also have an active list of thousands of bourbon aficionados to help you grow your brand in states that traditional distribution couldn't reach.

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